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So long Acey, hello KY!

Hey folks!

In the whole album production I learn a lot about myself, as an artist, but also as a human misfit. Some things in my system, my sound and ambition change, I don't hear "Acey Jee" anymore. We decided to go different ways.

I'm forever grateful for her companion. She was important to me for a veer long time.

But I think after the last two years it is time to move on and reinvent my artistic creature.

So meet:


dark, mysterious, different, lost, passionate, angry and strong.

Ky (you pronounce it "KAI") means "warrior" and I can definitely relate to that. It feels like my whole life has been a battle. I don't wanna complain, it made me who I am, who KY is.

KY´s songs are danceable, hard, unique.

Her sound is eletronic and straight in your face.

Her lyrics are deep, intimate and dark with personal lyrics about her fucked up past,

unfullfilled love, sex, her battle with depression and cancer and how she managed to survive so far.



Soon more to come!

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