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crazy times

Aktualisiert: 24. Okt. 2022

I´m not gonna lie. These days are horrible. Scary. Lonely. Threatening. Pandemic on the left, war on the right. And then again both all over the place. I refuse to consume news more than once a day, if at all. I just can't. It's triggering my fears, anxiety, depression and sadness.

I took my time wondering what I can do to help. I donated money, because then they can get whatever they need right there, without waiting for trucks or other help. If you want to donate for the Ukraine people, you can find addresses everywhere on the internet. Just make sure you pick a reliable company like the Red Cross.

Apart from that I recorded a meditation production by and with a psycho therapist for voluntary helpers here in Germany. It's a ten minute meditation if you feel down, worn out, helpless or overwhelmed.

You can find it on YouTube.

There is also a number you can call if you need immediate help. She is a professional therapist, also trained for people suffering from anxiety.

"An alle ehrenamtlichen Helfer, die geflüchteten Menschen aus der Ukraine zur Seite stehen. Dies ist eine kurze Anleitung für dich um deinen Körper und Geist zu beruhigen und Kraft und Energie zu tanken . Sorge auch für dich gut! Sollte die Belastung dir Ruhe, Schlaf und Lebensfreude rauben, kannst du mich anrufen : 0157 53 04 86 88 "

Dipl. Psychologin, Psychotherapeutin Claudia Maurer

With all this burden on our souls, I hardly dare to say that I'm still working on this album. You need perspective and hope, right? Something that keeps you going. I just finished a new song yesterday. Worked on it for 12 hours and feel veeeery satisfied. Like a vampire that finally got to drink the blood (s)he was craving for for days. It was the first day of the week I had time, because I had to work my day job as a vocal coach (which I also love!), take care of my mental and physical health, daily business and also work on a new song for another artist.

I love a good collaboration! Not the first collab and one will be released within the next couple of weeks. It is with the producer at the moment and I will hear it the day you hear it for the first time. Exciting! I'll post the date as soon as I know! It will be my premiere in the synth pop scene. Cannot wait!

Also this album... It's a diary I tell my secrets, a healer I believe in, a shrink I tell my fears, a doctor I ask for relief, a friend I trust, a foe I respect, a trainer I feel challenged by.

I sooo want to show you what I have been and currently still am working on. It will take a little longer, but it will be worth the waiting. I promise.

I love this soooo much. Singing, writing down my pain, experiences, fears and feelings in general has saved my ass a thousand times. And I also miss being on stage and see you guys. I miss this so bad. But the is also planned, but apparently in the long shot. I need to show my "new- me" first before organizer actually want to book me and people pay for a show.

I know, it all sounds pretty vage, but I give all I have and do everything I can to make this album happen and to get back on stage and in touch with you guys. This is all I've got so far. Trust the process...

Thank you for hanging in there with me!

be kind. spread love.


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