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Well, here's the thing...

I am officially writing an album. There it is. I said it out loud.

It's synth pop based, sound is quite electronic, but I swear it will be songs you hear, not tracks.

Oh boy, let me tell you - writing an album is quite a handful.

It's exciting, frustrating, fulfilling, terrifying, fun, technical, boring, but over all a great teacher and shrink! I learn sooooo much about myself and my music! And every new song is a new chapter of my life. It's like having kids. I love each and every one over the moon and accept it with all it's weaknesses and strengths, stubbornness and greatness.

It's also like a snapshot of a moment. A feeling. A dark phase. A longing. Pain. Lust. Goofiness. Some serious shit.

And then again it just happens like this and I'm only the executive hand. And I feel pretty confident about it. Of course, there are sometimes moments of doubt if this is really working, but I have great people around me that reassure me that I'm on the right track. Even if no one's interested in hearing it, I have already won and learned so much and I finally dare to step out of the dark and show myself "naked" and vulnerable.

I've been making music for quite a while but it seems that this - electronic music, synthpop - is finally "my way". The way I can express myself the most. Funny enough it's always been within me and in my ears, but I never considered it to be my language.

So take a look around, who knows what's already near you that can make you happy and make you feel alive.

Stay healthy, Acey

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